Ensuring a Strong Social Security Disability Application

If you are in a very unfortunate situation that you need to apply for a Social Security Disability the real challenge that you may encounter is the quick approval of your application. Understanding how the process goes is very important. You must also know where to find the best help available if you need to acquire better chances of approval.

How to Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

A qualified applicant of SSD benefits must have a working history for about five years within the ten years period prior to acquiring the medical condition. The amount of years you have worked is also an additional factor that will contribute to a strong evidence for approval. The required years can be reduced if you are a young worker. Moreover, your disability must show that it hinders your ability to do your work for a year or is a real risk to your life.

How to ensure that your application is Strong Enough

Your medical condition, education and work history are the contributing factors for a strong application. You can ask your lawyer about the other papers that you need to fill up and acquire to make it more powerful. Although there are great chances of denial, you must not get frustrated because you are not alone in this case. Just make sure that you have hired an attorney that specializes on Social Security Disability to ensure that you are in the right hands. Some of the documents that you may need include the following;

  • Naturalization papers
  • Birth certificate or another paper to prove your birth details
  • Discharge papers for militaries
  • W-2 forms
  • Last year’s self-employment tax returns

Aside from the above documents the more papers or information you can gather to prove your disability the stronger your application will be. In addition, if you have kept a journal or record about the symptoms of your illness and how it affects your work and personal life, this is also a valuable piece of evidence of your disability.

How Can You Get Help with Your Application

A disability lawyer is necessary if you don’t want to spend more time in doing the legal processing of your claim. An experienced lawyer who has better understanding of the Social Security Disability Law can help make your application strong as he have enough knowledge on the case and can quickly identify the factors that might halt the progress of the application and develop a solution to it. He can also advise you about the other information missing in your application and help work with your medical professional to help support your claims.

To make your application more convenient and easy you can check for online options. The internet is also a good place to gather information about Social Security Disability application and understand the process. No matter what method you use to file your application it is very important to supply all accurate information in the form which are required by the Social Security Administration so that they will not have doubts or misinterpret your file.

Author Bio: Brandi is an expert in social security disability claims. She worked for SS for six years. Her write-ups on this matter have been highly appreciated online.

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