Advice On Making An Accident Claim For Your Child

Kids will be kids as they say, and there isn’t a child who gets through childhood without various bumps and scrapes. Children are very susceptible to having accidents and suffering injuries, and while the vast majority are nothing serious, the sad fact is that some are. If you child has been seriously injured through no fault of their own then you may be considering whether or not to make a claim for compensation against the guilty party. As a child cannot bring such an action themselves you as the parent are entitled to do it on their behalf, under the title of ‘litigation friend’, and here are few tips on making the process as easy and stress free as possible.

Injuries You Can Claim For

You can make an accident claim on your child’s behalf for the same injuries as you would for an adult. Broken bones, dislocations, disability, whiplash, injuries that require surgery and post traumatic stress disorder are amongst the many injuries you can claim for. There are also other injuries prevalent to children’s claims such as serious head injuries that will seriously affect their development into adults. Whatever kind of injury your child has suffered it is worth contacting a solicitor as even those which don’t seem very serious at the outset can have serious repercussions down the line.

Finding The Best Solicitor For The Job

As with all professionals there are some solicitors who are better than others. Even though they have all undergone the same training their manner and empathy is something that cannot be taught. Dealing with somebody who you really believe is on your side will make a huge difference to what can be a lengthy process. When making a UK accident claim as a litigation friend for your child you need somebody you can trust and who you know will fight your corner so spend time finding the right person.

Time Limits

The normal time frame for making an accident claim is 3 years from the date it occurred, but this does not count when a child is the claimant. Those 3 years do not start until the child reaches the age of 18, which effectively means you have 21 years to make the claim. However, it is always advised that you get the ball rolling as soon as possible as accidents cases are notorious for their length where children are concerned. Making a claim too early can also be detrimental in that you may get less compensation than if you had waited as long term effects can take a long time to display themselves.


There are few solicitors now who don’t take cases on a no win no fee basis, and this applies to a child’s case too. A big plus with this is that if they accept your case, based on the information you have given them, their experience tells them from the outset whether you are likely to be successful as nobody is going to waste all that time and effort if they don’t believe they will be paid at the end of it.

Compensation Awarded

The main difference between a child’s claim and an adults is that the child will not receive their compensation until they reach 18. As this kind of case is almost always settled in a short hearing before a judge there you may, in exceptional circumstances, to request an interim payment to cover the immediate costs which have resulted from your child’s injuries such as , for example, having to make major renovations to the family home to accommodate a wheelchair.


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