Debt Managment Plan

CapQuest DMP Not only do we specialise in claiming back Payment Protection Insurance, but we are also able to assist in other ways.

Recently a client had some financial difficulties as well as wanting to claim back their miss-sold PPI. So with the assistance of a partner company, we were able to get them into a Debt Management Plan:-

Debt Recovery

Direct Line: 0800 542 6414

Dear Sir/Mdm

Your client:
Account Purchased From: HSBC Bank Plc
Account No.:
Amount o/s: £12,997.94

Further to your recent communication regarding your client Mr NAME. We appreciate that this may be a difficult time for your client.

This correspondence is our acknowledgement of the commitment that has been made to repay this account. We can can confirm acceptance of the following:

Instalment Amount: £11.00
Payment to be received by: 27 Sep 12
Instalment Interval: monthly

This arrangement should be reviewed by COMPANY on a regular basis to reflect any change in your client’s financial circumstances. Any such changes should be communicated to CapQuest immediately.

You should inform your client but making reduced payments may affect their credit rating and their ability to obtain credit in the future. This temporary arrangement does not constitute a variation to the original terms and condition of your client’s account.

We look forward to receiving payments in line with the above. If your client is unable to make any payment it is important that you contact us to explain any changes in your client’s financial circumstances. We will work with you to set up an alternative arrangement.

Yours faithfully

Collections Support

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