5 Commonly Asked Questions about Birth Control Lawsuits

These days, there are several defective drugs that are being manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies. These drugs are known to cause several life threatening side effects, and this is especially true in case of birth control drugs. There are several thousands of lawsuits filed against the drug manufacturing companies claiming for compensation for the damages or losses caused.

Ignorance is Usually the Biggest Problem

Most people consume these drugs without even being aware of the possible side effects and by the time they realize, it would be too late. When all the harm is done, the victims of such defective birth control drugs have no other go than to consult a lawyer to find out if they are eligible for compensation so that they can at least get funds for their medical expenses. When they do so, there are plenty of questions in their mind. Here are few of the commonly asked questions by victims of birth control drugs.

How do I find if there’s a lawsuit for my birth control drug that caused a blood clot?

There are few aspects that will impact your ability to file a case. For instance, the kind of birth control measure you were using, whether it was a generic or name brand, the dates on which you used the product, and he extent and nature of your injuries. Collect all these details and consult a lawyer who specializes in products liability about all that happened so that he can assess the situation and check if you are eligible to file a lawsuit.

Within what time limit should I file a lawsuit?

Every state would have set a time limit within which affected people can file a lawsuit. This is referred to as Statute of Limitations. So, don’t delay in consulting a lawyer since these time limits can make you ineligible for filing a claim. There are several online resources that can help you with these rules depending on your situation. Discuss things with a lawyer and file the lawsuit within the specific time limit after the injury has occurred.

Which party is the defendant in such a lawsuit?

In most cases, the product manufacturer is the defendant in birth control lawsuits. This is the reason class actions and multidistrict litigations (MDLs) are so useful to the applicants- individuals have lots of resources to take action against these large manufacturers.

What are the birth control products that have been subjected to litigation?

NuvaRing is one birth control drug that has increased the risk of complications like stroke, blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism in women consuming it. More than thousands have been reported to have died or injured due to this drug. Several lawsuits have been filed for these issues. Yasmin and Yaz have also been associated with serious side effects like the ones mentioned above for NuvaRing.

Nearly 15,000 cases have been registered against Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals. In the past, Ortho Evra has also been alleged to have caused innumerable health complications and deaths.

There may be several other queries that a victim of birth control drugs may want to ask. They can always discuss things without any hesitation with a reliable lawyer.

Author Bio: Josephine Mariah works as a junior lawyer for a popular attorney who specializes in pharmaceutical liability cases.

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