Bringing your family or relatives to the Unites States is a time consuming, exciting and stressful life changing event. Hiring an Immigration Lawyer ensures a great start to your loved ones new life with you in the United States. Below mentioned are some of the reasons to hire an Immigration Lawyer for Fiancée Visa.

  1. Immigration Lawyers are aware of the law: The United States Immigration Law is complex even for some lawyers. Moreover, the principles are persistently changing so, it is important to have someone who is having up-to-date knowledge.
  2. Immigration Lawyers or Citizenship lawyers can represent you : Only a licensed or an authorized lawyer can represent you before :
  • the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) where the petition is filed for the Fiancé Visa,
  • the National Visa Centre (where the checking for the names are conducted or
  • At the US Embassy where your fiancé will be interviewed and the K-1 visa will be issued.
  1. They get the things done faster: If you decide onto arrange your own fiancé visa petition, you will quickly realize that there are variety of forms needed. This may insist you to stop frequently to do some more research. A licensed and an experienced Immigration Lawyer can help you to prepare you fiancé visa petition correctly and quickly.
  2. They can stop expensive mistakes: There are various rules regarding your fiancées ability to travel to US during the fiancé visa process. For instance, if a K-I visa issued to your fiancé , they need to use it to enter only the United States and not any other and you must marry him or her within 90 days. Mistakes in this regard can lead to start your fiancé visa process again from the beginning or your fiancé being unable to remain in the US.
  3. They can stop extended delays: This is one of the most compelling reasons to hire an Immigration Lawyer for many engaged couples. Every year about to 40% to 60% of all fiancé visa petition filed are not approved. If the SCIS notices some omission or technical mistakes in the paper work that you have submitted to them, they send you a form letter which is also known as RFE (Request For Evidence) describing your mistakes. This form is usually sent after many months when you had originally filed your petition. Most often when you submit this required correction, they will again wait for several months and again return you the form with another cover sheet telling you about second omissions or technical errors. Even filling N/A in a box can lead to an RFE and each RFE will approximately add six more months to the fiancé visa process.

Conclusion: It is imperative to hire an Immigration Lawyer or a Citizenship lawyer to get Fiancé Visa as they simplify the process and bring effective results in short period.

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