Four Road Traffic Accident Types

Most people don’t think it will ever happen to them, but when they do it can be a real shock. Road traffic accidents, depending on their severity, can change the victim’s life if terrible injuries have been suffered.

Whilst figures suggest that road safety in the UK is at an all-time high, there are still road accidents every single day. These are the five most common occurrences of road traffic accidents.

1) Head on collisions

Rural or out of town A-roads are often considered the most dangerous due to the fact that traffic passes each other at close proximity and often at high speeds. Such fine margins for error means that head-on collisions can be fairly common, and unfortunately they are often the most devastating for the victims of the accident. Unlike motorways where there is a central reservation, this generally isn’t the case on more rural roads which can have a number of blind bends which make driving on them hazardous. And although modern-day cars are built stronger to deal with such impacts, any high-speed head-on collision can potentially be very serious.

2) Shunted from behind

Being hit from behind by another car can also be very dangerous, with injuries like whiplash likely to occur when the impact is powerful enough. Accidents of this nature can happen in a number of ways – it may be that the car behind was following too closely when the traffic came to slow-down, the brakes on their vehicle may have failed or they may just not have been paying proper attention to the road ahead. It does seem that rear-end crashes have become more common in recent times, and this is shown in the number of claims made for such incidents. Whiplash can be a very serious injury, causing pain and discomfort to the victims’ back, neck and shoulders.

3) Cyclist collisions

Despite the government’s best attempts to make the roads a more harmonious place for drivers and cyclists, there are the odd few from both sides that can cause aggravation and give everyone else a bad name. While some cyclists are erratic – taking to the road one minute and the pavement the next whilst going through red lights, drivers on the other hand can become irritated and impatient if they are held up by a cyclist. Until both sides learn to get on together on the road, it’s likely that there will continue to be numerous accidents leading to injuries and sometimes fatalities.

4) Dangerous junctions

With the ever-increasing traffic on the road it can be stressful and difficult to drive anywhere, and this is very much the case at busy junctions. Those turning right are especially vulnerable and, when there is a lot of traffic, such manoeuvres where you need to cross lanes of traffic can be very dangerous. Side-on impacts are common here, whilst cyclists and motorbikes can also be caught up in incidents like this if a proper view of the coming traffic is not always possible.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, such as one similar to any of the above or something else, can help you make a claim for compensation if you have been injured through no fault of your own.


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