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Claiming Back Payment Protection Insurance

A number of banks and other organisations are sending out questionnaire letters similar to the one shown below.

We would suggest that you take advice before completing any questionnaire that you have been sent regarding Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). Our concerns are that should you complete the form incorrectly, you may not be able to make a Payment Protection Insurance claim.

Here if an example of such a letter:

Q8 Building
Quorum Business Park
NE12 8BU
Telephone: 0845 366 8646
8am – 8pm, Mon – Fri
Calls may be recorded

Tesco Bank Loan Agreement Number: 123456

This letter is important and requires your careful consideration – it contains information about the sale of your Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) which was sold alongside your personal loan

Dear Mr NAME

Please take the time to read this letter and the enclosed questionnaire as we want to check that you were sold your Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) correctly and this letter sets out what action you may be able to take.

Tesco Bank has reviewed the sales of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) in the period between January 2005 to December 2007 and has identified there may be some potential issues with the sales process during this period.

We note that this policy was sold between these dates. If you have any concerns about the way your policy was sold, please call us on the above number.

Once you have contacted us we will review the sale of your PPI and, depending on the outcome of our investigation, you may be entitled to a refund of all the premiums you have paid plus interest. this amount may not be insignificant.

If you have recently contacted us to make a complaint in relation to your PPI policy please ignore this letter. We are currently reviewing your complaint and we will be in touch soon.

What you need to do next…

  1. Read and considered being close Payment Protection Insurance Questionnaire
  2. If you answer “no” to any of the questions, you think PPI may not have been appropriate for you, or you feel you were put under pressure when your policy was sold to you, please call us on 0845 366 86 46.

If you aren’t concerned about any aspect of your PPI policy sold through Tesco Bank you should either contact us on the telephone number shown or complete this questionnaire and return it to us in the prepaid envelope provided (or to the address below).

PPI PRP, Q8 Building, Quorum Business Park, Longbenton, Newcastle, NE128BU
Telephone: 0845 366 86 46, 8am – 8pm, Mon – Fri, Calls may be recorded.

Payment Protection Insurance Questionnaire
Please answer these questions about the sale of your PPI policy – based on your circumstances and understanding at the time of the sale – this will allow us to establish whether your policy was mis-sold or not.
1 Were you elegible to buy PPI cover?
1.1 Were you aged between 18 and 64 throughout the term of the loan?
1.2 Were you working for at least 16 hours per week, and either employed or self-employed?
1.3 Way you living and working in the UK?
2 Adding PPI was optional
2.1 When you sold your PPI policy, was it made clear to you that it was optional and not a condition of your loan?
If No, please provide your recollections as to what information you were given regarding the optional nature of the policy.
3 The cost of your PPI cover
3.1 Way you made aware that the total cost of your PPI policy was added to your loan amount as one single payment – to which interest would then be added for the full term of the loan?
3.2 Were you made aware how much this added to your monthly repayments?
If No, to either of the above, please provide your recollections as to what information you were given regarding the cost of the policy.
4 Early cancellation of your PPI policy
4.1 Way you made aware that if you cancel your policy, or repaid your loan early, then you would not get a full refund of your remaining premium?

If No, did you intend to pay off your loan early, if so could you provide details of how and when you were expected to do this.
5 Exclusions and limitation
When you were sold your policy you should have been made aware of the important exclusions and limitation.
If you were self-employed or a contract worker, go to question the 5.1. Otherwise go to question 5.3
5.1 Were you aware that there were certain conditions that the self-employed had to meet in order to be eligible for unemployment cover? For example, you would have to provide satisfactory proof of your bankruptcy, the involuntary insolvency of your business or your business ceasing to trade?
5.2 Were you aware that contract workers had to meet certain specific criteria to be eligible for unemployment cover, including: the length of the employment contract; how often the contract could be renewed and whether the contract remained with the same employer?
If No to either of the above, please provide details of your employment at the time of the sale.
5.3 Where you made aware that you would not be able to claim for back injuries, psychiatric conditions, or medical conditions that you already had?
If No, please provide details of any conditions you had at the time of the sale.
5.4 Did you understand that only the first person named on a joint account loan is covered?
6 Policy terms and conditions
6.1 Were you advised to read the policy booklet so that you understood your policy’s key features, terms and conditions, important exclusions and limitations, and generally decide whether it was suitable to you?
7 Sales Approach
7.1 Were you fully aware that you had been sold a PPI policy?
As the above list is not exhaustive, please use this space to provide any further comments or issues you may have regarding the sale of your PPI policy, including whether you felt you were put under pressure to purchase your PPI policy.

Please use this space to provide details if you have made a claim on this policy and whether this was paid out or declined.

If you answered “no” to any questions, please call us on 0845 366 86 46, or fill in the rest of this form and return it in the envelope provided.

About you
Your full name

Preferred telephone contact number

Alternative telephone contact number

Best time to Tesco Bank to call you

I confirm that all the information I have given in this questionnaire is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.



When calling please have your questionnaire to hand as this will assist us in understanding how your policy was sold to you. Our team will be available to handle your call between 08 a.m. 208 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, you can complete enclosed questionnaire and return it in the pre-paid envelope provided. Please provide a telephone number on which we can contact you so that we can avoid any unnecessary delays in providing you with the outcome of our review.

If you do request a review of the sale of your policy your response will be treated as a complaint under Financial Services Authority rules.

You should be aware that there is a potential time limit of three years for you to pursue a complaint about the sale of this PPI policy. If you do wish to raise any concerns, you should act promptly at the time limit you to bring a complaint may have started to run already and you may not be able to complain about the sale of your policy in the future. Please note that this time limit relates specifically to your rights to refer your complaint to us and the Financial Ombudsman Service, however you may have recourse to separate legal rights.

We are committed to treating our customers fairly and ensuring that you get a good service and swift resolution to any issues you may have.

Please keep this letter for your records.

Yours sincerely

In this sort of situation, it is probably best to take advice before completing Payment Protection Insurance Claim forms.

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